A New Kind Of Accelerator

An accelerator program as unique as you are.

Voyager Venture Studio invests time and cash in a way that forces us to focus: one company at a time. We're recruiting our "alpha" company and want to make our first investment of up to $300,000 in August 2023.

Our team has decades of experience designing, launching and growing companies, and we're looking to interview up to 6 companies over the summer to determine who we'll invest in. We're looking for companies at various stages, from pre-product through post-revenue. At the end of summer, we'll select one company to invest in and work with for the next 15 months.

We're building a new kind of startup studio. If you're a founder on the journey to create a profitable, sustainable business that doesn't rely on endless venture capital to survive, we want to talk to you.

How it works

We want to bring at most 6 companies at various stages, from pre-product through post-revenue, into an 8 week "interview" process. We'll focus each week on a different facet of your business to help us gauge which company would benefit the most from our help. All the work you'll be doing is work you either already have done, or know you need to do anyway.

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